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    About us

    We continue in more than 50 years tradition of shoe production in Bradejov town. Development and production of specialized footwear is our target from year 1998. From year 2012 we bring to you the BOSP brand.



    Kilometre nití
    40 075 km of sewing threads

    Sewing threads in our daily production go around Earth once.
    Ikonka ihriska
    107 100 m2 Gore-tex®

    Gore-Tex® membrane used by year can cover 15 football fields.
    Obvod zeme
    40 075 km of shoes

    If we put all yearly produced shoes behind each one, we can go around Earth 3 times. 
    20 064 km of laces

    Monthly production need laces in total lenght of 12 Slovak boarder lines.

    Product quality

    Product quality depends on the used technology. There is the result of many years of development and testing. All of our products must exceed several times the prescribed standards. Every new product more and more. So it can be guaranteed that the development does not stop and the quality will always progress. When viewing the model you can find icons that highlight special features of the shoe.. Special features of the shoes are technologically and structurally challenging mainly for the development, testing and hard work at the factoy.

    We use modern technologies Gore-Tex® a Vibram gore-tex technologyvibram technology

    Made with in Slovakia

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