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    Winter socks  

    Winter technical socks designated for outdoor activities in any weather.


    Made in Italy

    SK Made in Slovakia
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    12,90 € incl. VAT

    Product specification


    Winter technical socks are designated for outdoor usage in any climate conditions. Their advantages are great transport of moisture and keeping your feet dry.  Those factors have a great impact on protection of your feet against unwanted friction and against emerging of blisters. Merino wool is one of the best natural materials, which thanks to its great isolation properties helps to keep your feet warm and the socks do not smell even after many uses.


    Specifics of the product

    • socks made out of original merino wool are characteristic for their excellent heat-insulation properties
    • back side of the sock is designed in a way that lowers the risk of friction, bruises and improves the durability of material
    • the toe and the heel are made out of special CORDURA® material, which reinforces those parts against abrasion and provides optimal blood circulation as well as transport of sweat
    • a special material in the bottom part of the sock keeps the foot dry even after a day-long usage



    • 33 % merino wool
    • 33 % acryl
    • 28 % polyamide - nylon
    • 4 % polyamide CORDURA®
    • 2 % elastane


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    Made with in Slovakia

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