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    Carnauba wax care product for footwear with nubuck and split leather.

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    Špecifikacia produktu

    VELUR is a product with a hydrophobic effect on leather footwear used in hard conditions containing carnauba wax. The product is suitable for nubuck or split leather with hair. It is suitable for footwear with a semi-permeable membrane. It treats, nourishes and softens natural leather.

    The product does not contain fluorocarbon compounds (PFOS, PFOA and others), does not contain ethoxylated alkylphenols (APEO) or organic solvents and other aliphatic hydrocarbons.


    1.The footwear must be clean and dry before treatment. 2. Apply VELUR to the surface in a thin even layer with an applicator and allow to dry. 3. Wipe off the non-soaked product with a cloth.

    Warning: The product may change the shade and gloss of the treated material, so test the product on the inside of the treated product first. Changing the shade does not affect the functional properties of the product.


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