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    Major  S07056

    Traditional military boots in the category of military footwear stands out for its unobtrusiveness. It is an all-leather shoe with a quilted midsole to the upper that will not betray you even in difficult conditions. The shoes are characterized by medium stiffness and are therefore suitable for a wide range of activities and outdoor conditions in the forest. Shoes can also be used as trekking or hunting shoes.

    Made in Slovakia
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    Product specifications 

    Design based on durability and stability. Quality shoes with classic design and natural durable materials. A simple solution for any situation. The rubber sole also includes a cushioning layer for comfort. BLAKE STITCH quilting through a cowhide lining has often been used in military footwear, as it allows very easy and quick replacement of the ripened outsole while maintaining durability.



    • leather: cowhide with hydrophobic thickness adjustment 2.0 - 2.2 mm
    • lining: natural cowhide in the instep area
    • insole:  changeable with great absorption and drying, antibacterial and anatomic
    • outsole: rubber pad with EVAc cushioning layer, hard rubber midsole sewn to the upper
    • protection: the upper is hydrophobic


    • weight: 946g/polpár
    • inner height: 22 cm
    • outer height: 26,5 cm
    • color: black
    • height: vysoká

    Medium rigidity of a footwear

    A footwear with medium rigidity is aimed at a wide scale of activities in terrain, a great balance between comfort and support. Optimal flexibility and stability for police and army footwear or multifunctional track footwear.

    2-zone lacing

    A system of lacing hooks and eyelets with blocking hooks. It allows the instep area and shin area to be adjusted separately with the force you desire. This way, the footwear can adjust to variety of types of foot. 


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    Made with in Slovakia

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