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    About us


    Plant of  29. Augusta

    The history of shoemaking in the city of Bardejov goes back to year 1957, when the Plant of 29. August was established. The factory, after its growth, functioned as JAS, š.p., by virtue of which a city of Bardejov has become one of the centres of shoemaking in Central Europe. Next to army footwear the factory was manufacturing sport, or leisure shoes with variety of manufacturing processes. This way a history has produced many skilled shoemakers.


    Velvet revolution

    Change in a political regime in Slovakia in 1989 created a collapse in customers’ channels and the ravages of time tackled the machines and technology which, despite millions of shoes made during the decades, had yet to be innovated. The decay led to redundancies, during which the number of employees in the plant was lowered from 4 500 to approximately 2 000. 


    JAS-ŠPECIÁL s.r.o.

    In 1996 Ing. Miroslav Matys decided to establish his own company JAS-ŠPECIÁL s.r.o., that had 8 employees and functioned as trading company. Sale of shoes manufactured in the plant, which was valued by the plant that has found itself in recession due to the aforementioned political changes, has slowly started to take off mainly in armed forces and police squadrons. Quality was highly valued and tag “Made in Slovakia” added moral value to the leather shoes.


    OBUV-ŠPECIÁL, spol. s r.o.

    Workshops that had become dependent upon the sales of the company has become its part along with development centre. Thus in 1998 the company has transformed into manufacture-trading company and functions as OBUV-ŠPECIÁL, spol. s r.o.


    Obtaining of certificates

    Immediately in 1999 the company obtained certificate of management of quality ISO 9001 and management of disposal of waste ISO 14001.

    With a good name, which was and still is a result of hard work, the company was able to gain key customers for whom it developed and manufactured special footwear, whether it was army footwear, or police or work or even a leisure one. With the increasing demand the number of employees has grown. 


    Development of new, modern types

    In 2001 we have started to manufacture footwear with semi-permeable membranes, which significantly helped to improve the consumer’s comfort of the shoe and pushed the innovation forward, for even more modern types.


    First type of firefighter footwear

    A milestone in the development is presented by year 2004, when our company revealed its very first type of a firefighter footwear, which began to create yet another important category in our export stream.


    Implementation of management of quality

    The manufacturing of special footwear for uniformed units was at the very high level and in 2007 it has brought us implementation of management of quality based on SOŠ AQUAP 2130:2005 by the agency for defense standardisation, codification and state’s attestation of quality. 


    License contract with GORE-TEX®

    Year 2008 was also important for our company. It brought us a conclusion of license contract with the company W.L.GORE & Associates GmbH for manufacturing the shoes with GORE-TEX® membrane. As such, based on this contract we were able to add world-renowned semi-permeable GORE -TEX® membrane to our, back then types of leisure, work, special and safety footwear.


    BOSP - Bardejovská Obuv SPecial

    The long-term experience of OBUV-ŠPECIÁL, spol. s r.o. on the European market led into need of presenting and be known on the market under our own brand. In 2012 we have, for the first time ever, presented to the world our brand BOSP, which is an abbreviation from “Bardejovská Obuv ŠPeciál”/” Special footwear from Bardejov”.


    Registration at patent office

    A creation of new types and testing with forces in Slovakia. New collections are created to be used in exceptionally difficult conditions. Brand BOSP was registered at patent office. We are starting our own sales, not only by participating in public procurements, on the contrary, we are becoming available for commercial market.  


    And so we continue...

    We offer to our customers the combination of materials made in Europe, which are under close inspection in certified laboratories and also experienced shoemakers in our manufacturing plant. Carefully chosen pieces of natural leather form a substantial part of our design of footwear. Choosing and combination of countless numbers of textile materials, toughness of fillers and other parts of the shoe are important for the properties of that shoe. At the end there is a shoe, which is comfortable for foot and as such it only adds to the overall comfort of a person.


    Made with in Slovakia

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